A game of Tricks II – Vertex Color

Vertex color is my friend. It should be yours too really… plenty of cool stuff to do. If you’re not familiar with it, let me introduce the concept. Vertex color, or vcolor, is essentially just a color with RGB and A channels stored for each vertex of a mesh. It’s a pretty standard, pretty old and classic 3D feature. Originally, the main use of vertex color was to allow color variations on large 3D surfaces with a single or limited number of textures. Back in the days, you’re typical video card couldn’t pile up to 8 or even 4 textures on the same triangle. Even blending two textures was considered expensive and mapping large expenses of earth or grass often ended in ugly tiling surfaces. But you already had the possibility to use vertex color to add variety to break the tiling effect and make richer visuals at a small cost. As a gamer, my most vivid memory of intense vertex color use is the first Planetside game (my first and last really enjoyable MMO experience).


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