First alpha footage for Drifting Lands

Here it is : the first video of Drifting Lands at an early alpha stage. This video is not representative of the final gameplay (and certainly not of any sound design) but it’s here to show, where we’re trying to go with the visual style in this project.

Feel free to say what you think of the look of the game so far ! And stay tuned for more content in the coming weeks.

Shoot & Loot

ShootLoot is the internal nickname we have used for Drifting Lands during this last year. Our work folders are actually still named like that ;)

Drifting Lands Early concept

Why ShootLoot ? Well… if I often describe Transcripted as the illegitimate offspring of Zuma and Geometry wars, Drifting Lands parents’ will definitely be Diablo and R-Type or Path of Exile and Sine Mora, or… Ok you got it : there will be shooting and there will be looting. A massive load of them. At the same time.

Above, you can see the first concept image on which we put together the visual identity of Drifting Lands. In a week or so, you should be able to discover how it translates in the actual game, so… stay tuned !

And our next game will be…

After months of (to be continued) legal action to get our first game back, months of contract jobs to keep the company afloat and make it grow even bigger than it was. We’re ready to announce that our next game will be a SHMUP ! Yes, we do love those games !

So le met introduce, project ‘Drifting Lands‘, our new experiment to breed classic shooters with well… other unexpected species.

Drifting Lands

We will reveal more about the whole concept in the coming weeks, and hopefully in a few months, start to invite as much of you as possible to play test the game and help us make this game… a damn good one !

If you’re a shooter enthousiast or an action game amateur be sure to come back here or follow us on facebook, over there.

See you soon.