A Game of Tricks V – Particles fun (part2)

So, where were we… After all, it’s been nearly a year for this long due second part ^^

Ha, Yes! In the first part, we have seen how we could generate some kind of mask in two parts for the appearance and disappearance of our particles. We also covered how we would use a level operation rather than a binary cutout mask. So we’ve got something a bit like that :


Right now, we haven’t talked much about the diffuse aspect of our particles and their color. That’s what we will focus on right now. The most basic thing you can do is just apply a diffuse texture to the particle, something preferably vaguely related to the animated mask. But if you have a fade in mask different from the fade out mask, you won’t be able to have something very coherent along its whole life. Let’s forget that, it just sucks…

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