Balancing Drifting Lands / How to handle the difficulty of a Diablo-like game (part 1)

Disclaimer: believe me or not, for me Drifting Lands is a Diablo-like, long before being a shoot’em’up. In my mind, it is very clear what are the most important characteristics of a (good) Diablo-like… and i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one to have very passionate views about that. Obviously, i’m aware that everyone will not agree with my choices or my understanding of this genre. So keep that in mind and do not hesitate to think i’m completely out of my mind.


My point here will be to discuss how I’ve worked on the game design of Drifting Lands when it comes to the RPG, stats management aspects and all the associated balancing. It won’t cover ALL game systems in Drifting Lands because it would be way too much work. But I’ll try to present and illustrate the basic concepts behind each layer of mechanism.

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