Balancing Drifting Lands / How to handle the difficulty of a Diablo-like game (part 2)

So here we are. You have a vision, a clear idea of where you want to go with your game. How the difficulty should evolve across the experience. You have a layout with your main values which will drive your entire work from there (see part 1)


Before we move on, it’s important to remember that one cannot always think about everything or plan for every situations. This preliminary work is not destined to be set in stone. Should you realize later that you have gravely underestimated some factors, you may have to return to this part and change some of the base values. More often than not, there will be a lot more rules governing the statistics of the player avatar than for their enemies. Hostiles will probably be influenced by fewer global multipliers for their damages and resistance. So if you need to do quick yet radical adjustments, keep in mind that it will probably be simpler to change the curve of difficulty for the environment rather than the curve of power for the player.

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