Who we are

Alkemi is a small indie game studio based in Nantes, France.

Originally we’re Flash experts, artists as well as developers, with a web agency history… but 8 years ago we decided to give our best shot at creating fun medium-sized games with high production values. With Transcripted, our first game on PC & Mac, we acquired a solid working knowledge of Unity. More recently we’ve released Drifting Lands for PC & Mac.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more, if you want to share technical tips, or even if you want to chat about game design! Please if you want to contact us directly, use this email address instead of leaving a comment on this page. You will have an answer MUCH more rapidly.

Si vous souhaitez nous contacter utilisez l’adresse mail ci-dessous plutôt que de laisser un commentaire sur cette page. Vous aurez une réponse bien plus sûrement et rapidement !


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